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Fitting Your Fire Extinguisher

All fire extinguishers in accordance with British standard 5306 part 3 2009 require fitting or placing on a stand to identify their fire point.

Extinguisher Stands come in a variety of options. Firstly are the budget composite stands, these are for light duty use only and are not suitable for harsher work environments such as industry and warehousing where the preferred option would be the rotationally moulded plastic stands which are much more hardwearing than the composite stands. Both of these fire stands are low level product and not suited to environments where height and visibility is an issue for this area you would choose the metal contractor stand which at 6 foot tall and able to carry up to 3 extinguishers of either water, foam, powder or c02 or any combination of the above.

If you choose to fit your extinguishers to a wall it is important firstly to choose a solid wall that will take the extinguisher weight. Nine litre water extinguishers weigh up to 15 kilos so a brick or breeze block wall is essential. Six litre foam extinguisher weigh up to 11 kilos so this is also recommended. The lighter 2 kg CO2 extinguisher weigh in the region of 5 kilos and these can be supported on a plaster board wall using appropriate fixings.

However when fitting to a wall it is essential that the wall is surveyed and tested using an electronic stud detector to identify any possible electrical cables or water pipes.

The height at which you fit your extinguisher is also important, BS5306 recommends that the height of the top of the handles should not exceed one metre from the floor this is sensible with the larger units such as water, foam, dry powder from 6kg onwards and the 5 kg c02. The smaller units such as 2 kg c02s and 2 kg dry powders can be fitted at chest height.

The extinguisher should be fitted with the correct bracket and this is usually supplied by the manufacturer with the extinguisher, however when fitting an extinguisher in an unusually location you should use an appropriate bracket for example transport brackets for vehicles and restraint brackets with straps for children’s nurseries.